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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.

Love Gardening? Become a Master Gardener!

Posted by Candice Hart - Programs

U of I Extension is recruiting garden lovers to join their organization! With more volunteers, your local Master Gardeners could grow their community impact even more. What exactly is a Master Gardener you may ask? The Master Gardener program, sponsored by University of Illinois Extension, provides training for adult volunteers who help disseminate up-to-date, research-based horticultur...

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2012-10-15 10 37 08
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Awesome Air Plants

Ok I'll admit it, I may be an air plant addict. I expanded my air plant collection once again this weekend. I just couldnt resist! Air plants are awesome not only because of their interesting plant forms, but they may just be one of the most low maintenance indoor plants to grow. With just the occasional misting or soaking, these interesting plants can thrive indoors without using any s...

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2012-10-12 13 43 34

Growing Herbs Indoors

Today it seems that herbs are as popular as ever. Instead of just growing herbs in the outdoor garden, why not bring the plants indoors and enjoy their harvest all winter long! With a nice sunny, southern or western facing window, or by utilizing supplemental lighting like the system pictured, you can easily grow a wide variety of herbs indoors. See this Factsheet for more detai...

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