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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2013-06-18 21 49 39
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Coral Bells

Have a shady area in your garden? Instead of a hosta highway, why not think about incorporating this week's plant of the week, Coral Bells ( Heuchera sanguinea ). Coral Bells is a great mounded perennial known for its wide array of foliage colors including peach, bronze, orange, lime green, burgundy and many others. There seems to be an endless supply of new cult...

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2012-09-12 17 59 01
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Sustainable Weed Control

Weeds are really enemy #1 in most gardens, including mine. Various chemicals are available for weed control in the home landscape, but one may wonder, what are some more sustainable methods of control? That's what we'll discuss in this post. Weed ID The first step in effective management of weeds is correct weed identification and a basic understanding of the we...

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2013-06-06 23 33 18
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Plant of the Week! This week's plant is the P eony ( Paeonia x hybrida ). The peonies in my garden are finally blooming and it was definitely worth the wait! My house and office have been filled with a vase of this great cut flower for the last 2 weeks. Peonies are known for their beautiful, large flowers in various colors...

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2012-09-12 18 22 22

Sustainable Hardscaping

Last week I talked about how to choose plants for a more sustainable landscape, and now it's time for some sustainable hardscaping ideas. Hardscaping is basically any hard or paved area in the landscape or any inorganic material that covers the soil. This could include pavers, bricks, mulch, etc. Buy locally I mentioned how choosing Illi...

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Exotic Bush Honeysuckle

Plant of the Week! This week's plant continues last week's trend of plants that may have some nice ornamental features but are actually very invasive in Illinois. Native to Eurasia, bush honeysuckles were introduced to the US for use as ornamentals, for wildlife cover and for soil erosion control. These exotic bush honeysuckles ( Lonicera maa...

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