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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2013-07-10 21 11 13
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Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

Plant of the week! Last week while visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens for a conference, I was immediately drawn to this week's plant. The Hot Wings Tatarian Maple ( Acer tataricum 'Garann' ). Normally I am not a tree person, but the bright red samaras on this tree definitely caught my eye! According to Plant Select and Colorado State University,...

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Tree Wound Dressings: Helpful or Hindrance?

Many gardeners have experienced that awful moment when the lawn mower or weed wacker accidentally comes in contact with the bark of a valued tree in the landscape and a wound is created. No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen and then you're left wondering, what you can do to help the tree repair this wound. The answer is really to let the tree repair the wound on its...

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2013-07-08 19 06 27
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Plant of Last Week! Ok I'm a little behind on my plant of the weeks... So we'll say last week's plant was the lovely Yucca , Yucca filamentosa and this week will be something else new! Yucca was blooming beautifully in my garden last week. This plant is great for the garden because of its drought tolerance and nice evergreen foliage that forms a...

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