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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2015-04-26 11 38 44

Plant of the Week: Pasque Flower

I didn't get around to Plant of the Week on Friday, so here is last week's Plant of the Week, the Pasque Flower ( Pulsatilla vulgaris, also known as  Anemone pulsatilla ). I just planted a pasque flower in my landscape and I'm loving it so far!   Pasque Flower is an herbaceous perennial that is best grown in fertile, humusy, gr...

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2012-09-08 16 40 14

Using Treated Lumber in the Garden

A frequent question that I get from gardeners is about the safety of using treated lumber in the garden, especially for raised beds. The good news is that there is plenty of research that has already been done on this exact subject and the new treated lumbers have shown to be safe for garden use. Check out a  blog post...

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2015-04-17 17 52 21

Plant of the Week: Lungwort, Pulmonaria

This week there are two beautiful blue flowers blooming in my garden. Last year I featured Virginia Bluebells as a plant of the week, which are stunning, but this week I want to focu...

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2015-04-12 01 41 00

Plant of the Week: Cherry Trees

Last weekend I had the privelege of visiting a friend in Washington D.C and it just so happens to have been the same time that the cherry trees were blooming! It was a beautiful site. This week's plant of the week has to be Cherry Trees ( Prunus sp. ) of course then!...

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2015-04-10 08 17 47

Plant of the Week! Siberian Squill

Spring has sprung! Finally! That means it's time to get back to my weekly plant of the week feature. This week many lawns are full of the lovely blue flowers of the Siberian Squill ( Scilla siberica). I've noticed many beautiful expanses of blue lawns driving through communities this week. The Siberian Squill is a spring flowering bulb that is planted in the fall...

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