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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.

Self Watering Containers

Self watering containers are a great solution for us gardeners who don't like to water our containers very often. There are a multitude of these types of containers available on the market, but unfortunately some can come at a steep price. I have some self watering containers as window boxes which I love, but they were a bit of an investment. To lower the costs, I've been experimenting...

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Plant of the Week: Beardstongue, Penstemon

This week's Plant of the Week is Beardstongue ( Penstemon digitalis ). I've noticed many beautiful Beardstongues blooming in landscapes this past week. Several species of Beardstongues can be found in the garden, but  Penstemon digitalis is a pretty solid performer.  'Husker Red' is a cultivar that you see very commonly which has a really nice dark purple...

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2015-06-06 18 47 43

Plant of the Week: Catalpa

While on a walk around my neighborhood this past week, I noticed some lovely large Catalpa trees in bloom. Likely the trees growing in my neighborhood were the Northern Catalpa ( Catalpa speciosa ), but the other Catalpa species in Illinois is the Southern Catalpa ( Catalpa bignonioides ). Northern is hardy to zones 4-8 and Southern is hardy to zo...

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2015-06-04 18 25 59

Maple Tree Seedlings Everywhere

Posted by Candice Hart - Trees

If you are lucky enough to have a neighbor with a large maple tree, you are probably in the same boat as myself right now. Maple seeds that are germinating everywhere!  My particular neighbor has a large silver maple tree that rains helicopters (samaras) all over my yard. Don't worry, I pay him back in the fall with all the leaves from my large oak that he has to rake up. Some ye...

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Plant of the Week: Jerusalem Sage

This week's Plant of the Week caught my attention in an herb garden while visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix a few weeks ago. The way the flowers were circling the stem was very intriguing. Upon inspection I realized that the perennial was Jerusalem Sage ( Phlomis sp.) I assumed that we probably couldn't grow this particular perennial here in...

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2015-05-19 18 02 30

Propagating Succulents and Cacti

Cacti and Succulents are by far my favorite group of plants. The colors, flowers, and interesting growth habits are like nothing else in my opinion. But one of my favorite things about this group of plants is the ease in which you can make more plants. Through the use of cuttings or division, you can very quickly expand your collection of cacti and succulent plants.  Stem...

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