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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2015-10-05 15 35 09

Odd Oak Galls

Posted by Candice Hart - Trees

It seems to be the season for odd oak galls. I've had several questions come into the office and while prepping for a fall tree walk this past week, I discovered many oak galls. Galls can be defined as irregular plant growths which are stimulated by the reaction between plant hormones and powerful growth regulating chemicals produced by some insects or mites. Most are caused by tiny cyn...

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Time to Bring Plants in for Winter, Minus the Insects

It looks like we'll be getting a frost here in Northern Illinois on Friday, so it's time that those last houseplants make their way indoors. But this question comes up every fall: How can I bring my houseplants in from outside without bringing in spiders or other insects with it?   Well, there are a few strategies.   1. Clean...

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2014-10-16 13 30 02

Fall Nuisance Insects

Now is the time of year we start to notice various insect critters trying to find shelter inside our homes. The good news is that most of these insects are perfectly harmless and are simply a nuisance. In fact, many of these insects are actually quite beneficial because they eat other soft bodied pests we don't like, like aphids. Now that the season is ending, these insects are simply j...

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2015-10-05 12 39 03

Get Out There and Garden This Fall!

If you're like me, by the time fall comes around, you're probably a little burnt out on gardening. It's totally reasonable, I get it. You've spent all summer maintaining and of course enjoying your garden, but you've just used up all your energy. But don't give up yet! There are lots of great fall gardening activities that can be completed and many of these will help prepare your garden for gre...

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