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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2016-05-12 03 01 00

Plant of the Week: Woodland Phlox

This week's Plant of the Week has been blooming beautifully in my garden for a few weeks now. The  Woodland Phlox ( Phlox divaricata) is a  spreading, native wildflower with lovely lilac-blue flowers with 5 petals. As the name implies, this perennial...

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2016-05-05 10 57 18

Plant of the Week: Basket of Gold

This week's Plant of the Week is  Basket of Gold ( Aurinia saxitilis ). While on a staff meeting trip to Galena this past week, the Basket of Gold was blooming beautifully! I love Basket of Gold because of it's vibrant yellow flowers! It's one of those true signs that spring is officially here and summer is upon us....

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