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Hort in the Home Landscape

A blog devoted to sharing timely horticulture topics and answering the questions of gardeners and homeowners.
2016-07-15 14 17 32

Plant of the Week: Pineapple Lily

Visiting a botanic garden last week, I was reminded of the beauty of theĀ  Pineapple Lily ( Eucomiscomosa )! I meant to get some planted in my garden this spring and completely forgot. Next year! The pineapple lily is a bulb native to South Africa that is hardy to zone 7. Meaning for us northerners, that we need to dig the bulbs at the end of the season. One...

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2016-07-02 20 18 06

Plant of the Week: Ligularia

This week theĀ  Ligularia is blooming beautifully in my garden! Rocket Ligularia ( Ligularia stenocephala), also known as leopard plant, can be grown for its nice foliage, as well as beautiful yellow flowers which just started blooming. The particular cultivar that I grow is 'The Rocket' but several are available on the market. This particular Ligularia is a...

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