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2015-05-19 16 47 07

Plant of the Week: European Cranberrybush Viburnum

Last week I noticed some striking white flowered shrubs while walking the Highland Community College campus. Upon closer look, I realized the shrubs were European Cranberrybush Viburnums (Viburnum opulus). I'm a big fan of Viburnums and this one is especially nice!

European Cranberrybush Viburnum is a great shrub when planting for multiple seasons of interest due to the beautiful white flowers in the spring, nice foliage in the summer, bright red fruits that grace the plan from September until spring, and nice fall color.

Borne in mid May, the flat-topped cymes of white flowers form a beautiful pinwheel effect due to the outer ring of bright white sterile flowers surrounding the fertile inner creamy white flowers. The showy cymes range from 2-3" in diameter.

Another great benefit of this shrub is that it is one of the easiest of the viburnums to grow, being adaptable to many sites and soils. This pH-adaptable species performs best in slightly moist well-drained soils and tolerates partial shade, but will have the best flower and fruit displays are produced in full sun.

Learn more here and here.

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