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2016 Garden Trends Report

Happy New Year! Did you know that each year the Garden Media Group compiles a list of the Garden Trends for the upcoming year? I look at the trends every year to get inspiration for programming and blog posts. It's really interesting to see what they think will be big in the garden world for the year!

Flipping through my email inbox, I read through Ball Publishing's Landscape Insider newsletter and found a great summary of the trends by the author of that newsletter which is below. The full report can be found here.

Here is a rundown of the latest landscape trends, according to the Garden Media Group's recently released Garden Trends Report:

  1. Connected greenery. People continue to connect with Mother Nature by hiking, camping or gardening. And people are taking technology into nature for exploration, education and entertainment. They are also tuning into technology to help grow plants.
  2. "NaTECHure." With Generation Z, born 1995 to 2009, being the most sedentary generation in American history, it's vital to get children and their parents outdoors. This trend has the potential to mobilize a new generation of nature lovers.
  3. "Welltality." Horticulture is intrinsically tied to health and wellness. People are putting their health first. And plants are helping people heal faster, concentrate better and be in generally better moods.
  4. The makers lifestyle. The DIY movement is getting a facelift as people shift from doing to making. People are engaging with nature hands-on through projects like growing hops for backyard brewing to testing out natural dyes with fruits and vegetables.
  5. Backyard boldness. People are turning to customization, lighting and movement to add a sense of whimsicality to their backyards. People are moving away from subtle, minimalist aesthetics to designs that heighten sensory appeal.
  6. Layered landscapes. The landscaping trend is shifting from green deserts to living landscapes where yards are returned to their natural habitats, each plant serving a purpose in supporting local, natural ecosystems, pollinators and other wildlife.
  7. Dogscaping. According to the 2015-2015 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of U.S. households own a pet. Homeowners are thinking more and more about how to make their gardens pet-friendly and pet-safe.
  8. Precious resources. The resources needed to garden, particularly water, are limited and need protection. New technologies and plants offer the opportunity to protect and conserve resources with small lifestyle changes that will make an impact on the gardening experience.
Which trend will you try to participate in this year?
Photo of the lovely Ruby in my garden this summer :)

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