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Plant of the Week: Basket of Gold

This week's Plant of the Week is Basket of Gold (Aurinia saxitilis). While on a staff meeting trip to Galena this past week, the Basket of Gold was blooming beautifully!

I love Basket of Gold because of it's vibrant yellow flowers! It's one of those true signs that spring is officially here and summer is upon us.

This low-growing, spreading perennial produces a profuse spring bloom of bright yellow flowers that are particularly attractive in rock gardens, sprawled over rocks or cascaded over rock walls, as you can see here.

According to Missouri Botanic Garden, this perennial grows best in dry, average to sandy, well-drained soils in full sun, making sure to avoid heavy clay soils. Walking down the street in Galena, it was a real showstopper in the rock retaining walls.

The best flowering for Basket of Gold is in full sun, however the plant's foliage appreciates some afternoon shade in hot summer climates. You should cut back plants up to 1/2 after flowering to help maintain attractive form. Unfortunately, in hot and humid summer climates, this plant may be considered short-lived. I myself haven't had the chance to grow this perennial because I don't quite have a rock garden bed for it to grow in yet. Too much heavy clay soil in my garden for the time being! But hopefully some day!

You might notice a lot of yellow blooming on the roadside currently as well. Check out this article to find out what other yellow flowers may be blooming this time of year.

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