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2016-06-22 12 31 09

Plant of the Week: Borage

How is it the end of June already! This month has been so busy I haven't had much time to get out in the garden. The weeds are sure loving the opportunity to thrive though in my absence!

This week's Plant of the Week isĀ Borage (Borago officinalis).I planted Borage in one of my container gardens this year at the office for an upcoming edible flower program and I'm loving it!

Borage can be direct seeded in the garden or started indoors, as I did this winter. It grows very easy in dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. It's about as tough a plant as they come, tolerating poor soils and drought with no problem. Borage is also quite prolific, as you would know if you've ever grown it before. This annual self-seeds wherever it is planted, so in most years, an abundance of borage returns.

Borage is a bit of a rough, sprawling annual that grows to 1-3' tall. I just recently cut mine back after a big harvest to get rid of some of the sprawling growth. The drooping, star-shaped, bright blue flowers open in summer on branched stems with wrinkled, edible, dull gray-green leaves.

The leaves of borage have the taste and fragrance of cucumber making them great for salads. The tender leaves can be eaten raw or cooked in somewhat the same manner as spinach. The beautiful blue flowers are also edible, but have less flavor to them. They make for an excellent garnish or colorful addition to a salad!

Learn more about Borage on our herb website.

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