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2016-10-17 09 19 08

Keeping Track of Your Cultivars

If you're like me, it's a struggle to remember exactly what species or cultivars you planted in the garden. Especially by the time you have hundreds of plants in! There are some plant names I'll just never forget for some reason (hello, Solenostemon scutellarioides), but there are others that escape me right away.

What I started doing a few years ago, was to be sure to save all of the labels that came with my plants. They started out in a box, but eventually I got organized and divided them up into categories like annuals, perennials, trees, or shrubs. You could group them by a particular garden bed as well.

Once categorized, organize the tags into an inexpensive photo album. This makes it very easy to flip back through to look at what plants you have. I recently just moved and left my garden behind (I miss it so much!), but left this book behind with the new owner as well in hopes that they will take interest in what plants are in their new garden.

A simple and easy solution to organizing all of those stray plant tags!

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