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Virginia bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

Plant of the Week!

I'm bringing back the plant of the week posts! This week's featured plant is Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica).

The leaves of Virginia bluebells emerge early in the spring as purple-colored spikes that turn into light green-colored leaves.

The beautiful trumpet shaped flowers are pink in bud, opening to shades of blue opening between March and May. Virginia bluebells are great plants to use under trees and in shady areas. They prefer full to part shade and like consistently moist soils.

Found in moist woods, this plant also goes into dormancy (die down) in summer, so plan for that by interplanting with other perennials to fill this gap. Virginia bluebells naturalize readily by self seeding and by spreading through underground rhizomes so they will fill in an area over time.

Makes a beautiful addition to the landscape that's also great for attracting pollinators!

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