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Plant of the Week!

This week's plant is the Peony (Paeonia x hybrida). The peonies in my garden are finally blooming and it was definitely worth the wait! My house and office have been filled with a vase of this great cut flower for the last 2 weeks.

Peonies are known for their beautiful, large flowers in various colors including lavender, peach, pink, purple, red, salmon, white, and yellow. And it's hard to avoid that beautiful fragrance.

This easy to grow perennial does well in full sun and offers nice foliage that lasts long after the flowers have faded. The plant itself is very long lived as well and can live in your garden for years and years.

Peonies have fairly few problems, though one thing that you may see is powdery mildew, which looks like a white powdery substance on the leaves. Peonies are often staked in order to hold up the large flowers and as a result of that staking, this can cause the plant to be very dense with foliage inside the staked area. Just from normal growth, the plant may become dense without staking as well though.

Powdery mildew thrives on wet leaves and with the little air movement allowed through the plant due to the amount of foliage, it can certainly become a problem. Simply remove the stakes after flowering and possible prune out some foliage to increase air movement through the plant to avoid this problem.

Also be sure to not over-fertilize as it will result in reduced flowering.

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