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2013-07-10 21 11 13
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Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

Plant of the week!

Last week while visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens for a conference, I was immediately drawn to this week's plant. The Hot Wings Tatarian Maple (Acer tataricum 'Garann'). Normally I am not a tree person, but the bright red samaras on this tree definitely caught my eye!

According to Plant Select and Colorado State University, HOT WINGS® appeared as a chance-seedling found growing in the production fields of Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery at Fort Collins, Colorado in 1993. This particular tree stands out from all the other Tatarian maples for six weeks every summer with its breath-taking scarlet red samaras contrasting with the rich green foliage giving it an appearance of being in bloom. One of the employees said it reminded him of Christmas in July and I would definitely agree with that!

Some of the other nice features listed include:

  • In the spring, clusters of yellow-white flowers cover the tree after the leaves appear
  • Strong branch unions make it less prone to storm breakage than other Tatarian maples
  • Fall leaf color transforms from orange-red on the outside of the tree to yellow in the middle
  • It's a small single or multi-stem tree that would reach 18 feet in 12 years and eventually mature to 30 feet

This particular maple is hardy to zones 4-10 so even though this information comes from Colorado in particular, this would be a great tree for Illinois as well!

Check out this plant here:

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