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Silver Sage
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Silver Sage

Plant of the Week!

This week's plant is a foliage plant that you don't really come across very often, Silver Sage (Salvia argentea). I had pretty much forgotten about this lovely Salvia until I came across it last week in Cantigny Park's Idea Garden!

This Salvia differs from most other salvias in that it's grown mostly for its beautiful, silver, wooly foliage. Silver sage is really a biennial, meaning that when grown from seed, the plant produces the beautiful rosette of foliage in the first year of growth. Then in the second year, 2-3' tall, white, tubular flowers are produced. Some people will prefer to leave the flowers, others will remove them in order to showcase the foliage. Plants that flower and seed in the second year complete their biennial course and disappear from the garden, though if the flowers are left to go to seed, Silver Sage does reseed well.

The particular cultivar pictured, 'Artemis', has broad-oval, silver-gray leaves, up to 8" long by 6" wide, that form an attractive foliage mound up to 12" tall and to 20" wide.

Silver Sage grows best in full sun in well drained soils and does tolerate some drought. The silver foliage provides a nice contrast against many annuals and perennials like the lime green coleus and pink petunias pictured above.

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