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University of Minnesota Bittersweet Factsheet

Using Bittersweet in your Holiday Decorations

Bittersweet is a common vine used for a variety of holiday decorations this season. Beware though that by using these vines as decorations,  you may be spreading an awful forest invasive, Oriental Bittersweet.

University of Minnesota Extension just came out with a great factsheet outlining how to identify our native American bittersweet from the invasive Oriental Bittersweet.
Here are a few key points to help identify Oriental (bad) bittersweet from American (good) bittersweet in crafts:
  • Seed capsules: Oriental bittersweet has yellow seed capsules on red berries (Give a yell when you see yellow.) whereas American bittersweet has orange seed capsules on red berries (Orange is OK.)
  • Berry placement: Oriental bittersweet has berries strung-out along the stem (Strung-out is bad) while American bittersweet's berries are all clustered near the end (Saving the best for last).
Be sure to check out the factsheet and share with your fellow holiday crafters!

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