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Master Gardeners making a giant flower in the Botany Lesson

Fall Master Gardener Training Offered in Ogle County!

Posted by Candice Hart - Programs

University of Illinois Extension is pleased to announce that Master Gardener Training will be held in Ogle County on Fridays beginning September 5 to November 21. This will be the first time that training will be offered in the fall instead of the spring! The trainings will be held from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at the Ogle County Extension office located at 421 W. Pines Rd. in Oregon. Interested people should apply now for the training.

While the Master Gardener program is nationwide, Illinois started its first training in 1975 and now boasts more than 3,500 Master Gardeners statewide. Training is offered on a rotational basis throughout the state.

Master Gardeners are volunteers who have received training in horticulture from University of Illinois Extension educators. After the initial training, 60 hours of volunteer work are required over a two-year period. Once the 60 hours are completed the volunteer becomes a certified Master Gardener. To maintain your active status, each year the volunteer must complete 30 hours of volunteer work and 10 hours of continuing education.

As volunteers Master Gardeners make a difference in the community. Over the last year, the 22 active Master Gardeners in Ogle County contributed over 1,500 volunteer hours, answering homeowners' gardening questions, teaching gardening lessons for children, planning and presenting at educational workshops, and working with 4-H and local organizations. Whether your interest is in landscaping, vegetable gardening, perennials, houseplants, or a variety of other types of gardening, the Master Gardener program has something for everyone.

Pre-registration is required to attend Master Gardener Training. An orientation interview will be conducted with participants in advance of the class. Registration for the training is $175.

For more information or to register please contact Lisa Valle, Extension program coordinator at (815) 732-2191, or visit us at our website:

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