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Squash soup - video

Blog Special: Winter Squash – Part 2, Butternut Squash Soup

A big part of this blog is encouraging you, my reader, to sample new foods and recipes. If winter squash is not something you include on menus – let alone consider at the store – give is another try this season. See a video of how this brightly colored soup is made step-by-step, as well as below. And happy late Thanksgiving from UI Extension!...

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Squash Varieties image

Blog Special: Winter Squash – Part 1, How to Use

A winter squash is an intimating veggie. Not for its looks – winter squashes are so interesting and festive. But from a cooking perspective, home cooks may avoid them.  Fortunately, produce sections of many stores have pre-cut squash for you to use. If you want to prep a winter squash, try these tips to make the process easier, and pick the way that makes sense for you. Along with the d...

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Hay! for Pumpkin

How this blog has been written for many years, and I have yet to do a feature on pumpkin is beyond me. I am jumping on the fall, holiday, and pumpkin bandwagon now. If your go-to recipes are the usual desserts and sweets, what savory recipes have you tried? If not many, take inspiration from some fun savory options:...

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