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Vegetable Chips: More than Potatoes

Posted by Caitlin Mellendorf - kale

From grapes and cheese cubes to carrot sticks and dip, fruits and vegetables make for great snacks. Vegetable chips - dehydrated, blends, and potato – are popular. Let's look at how their nutrition stacks up. Nutrition There are so many brands of vegetable chips. To see the specifics for the brand you buy, be sure to read the nutrition label....

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Kale has Reached "Superfood" Status

Posted by Caitlin Mellendorf - kale

Healthy Eats and Repeat welcomes guest blogger and dietetic intern at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Debra Liu! It seems fitting for a 21 st Century Popeye to be downing a can of kale rather than spinach. This is not an attempt to challenge spinach's nutritional value, but kale has gained Justin Beiber-like celebrity status in the vegetable world. Over the past two...

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