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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle
Apple  Walnut and Raisin for Blog
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Blog Special: Holiday Gifts – Part 2, Oatmeal Mixes

Winter and holiday flavors are packed in these oatmeal mixes. This is a tasty, nutritious, and filling gift to give. Besides these four, try other flavor combinations you enjoy. Feel free to use the decorative gift tags for each recipe, and let us know how you made each mix...

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Avocado - UI Diabetes

Hidden Inside: An Avocado

In case you had not heard, avocados are good in other recipes besides guacamole. This chips and salsa accompaniment has taken life with many new recipes and an appreciation for its healthy fats. Nutritionally, 1 medium avocado contains around 325 calories, 30g fat, 17g carbohydrate, 13g fiber, 2g protein, and is a source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, E, and K, folate,...

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Cocoa Powder

Indulgent Chocolate

As a follow-up to this year's February post on cocoa powder , let's talk chocolate. Does it feel indulgent? Does your mouth water thinking about biting into a rich piece of chocolate? From the cacao tree, cocoa beans are removed from their pods, dried, roasted to a desired point, cracked into "nibs," and ground into a paste called coco...

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