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Healthy Eats and Repeat

Highlighting Food, Recipes, and Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle
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Rarin' for a Raisin

Ants on a log. Carrot-raisin salad. Oatmeal-raisin cookies. Trail mix. Do you have a couple ways you like to eat raisins? In a simple breakdown, the majority of both golden raisins and dark raisins start as green or yellow varieties of grapes. Golden raisins stay light in color due to added sulfur dioxide that prevents browning. Dark raisins brown during the de...

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Apple  Walnut and Raisin for Blog
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Blog Special: Holiday Gifts – Part 2, Oatmeal Mixes

Winter and holiday flavors are packed in these oatmeal mixes. This is a tasty, nutritious, and filling gift to give. Besides these four, try other flavor combinations you enjoy. Feel free to use the decorative gift tags for each recipe, and let us know how you made each mix...

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