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chili / chile
Chili Cornbread - J Smith
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Get Warm and Smoky with Cumin

Part of the parsley family, cumin is an annual plant that produces seeds. These seeds can be used as a spice – often ground up – when cooking. To see cumin go from seed to powder, watch the short video, Grinding Cumin at The Spice House , from chicagospiceboss. Note that University of Illinois Extension provides this information for educa...

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Chili Powder

Coloring with Chili Powder

I noticed a while back that my bottle of chili powder had an ingredient list. I never thought about chili powder being a blend of spices, but there it was for me to read. Many commercial blends of chili powder contain ground dry chiles, salt, garlic, and other spices like paprika, cumin, cayenne, oregano, etc. Nutrition Spices contain insignificant amo...

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