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On Today's Menu: Confidence

Posted by Caitlin Mellendorf -

"I've got confidence on today's menu" is an announcement I heard somewhere. I have a suspicion this sentence originally had nothing to do with a menu or with food, but I think it perfectly reflects the sentiments I want to express through this blog: to give you the confidence to try new foods and new recipes so that you too can say you have confidence on your menu today and every day. (I like this concept so much it might become a slogan we come back to now and again!)

Let me now say "hi" and introduce myself: I am Caitlin Huth, Nutrition & Wellness Educator with the University of Illinois Extension serving DeWitt, Macon, and Piatt counties. I teach multiple programs focused around nutrition and wellness, including disease prevention and management and food safety. As an educator and a soon-to-be registered dietitian, I am enthusiastic about providing people with information and skills to take up and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am sure there are many times you have heard about a new "hot" food that suddenly everyone is eating. Or you read about a "super food" that yesterday was just something ordinary. It is natural to wonder what the food is, how you should eat it (or if you should eat it), and what it all means for your daily diet and health. Well, wonder no more! In this blog, I will explore many different foods, along with their nutritional and health qualities, and explain how you can prepare them – recipes included!

So let's travel across food country and have fun, learn, taste, and build confidence to try new foods and recipes. Stay tuned for information, advice, and recipes!

WEB HIGHLIGHT: While I am not leaving you a recipe for this first posting, let me introduce a March celebration: National Nutrition Month! Check out NNM 2013 to learn more and play games.  Incidentally, March 13 is Registered Dietitian Day, so today is a great day to learn what a registered dietitian can do for you.

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Will you be telling about your upcoming classes and events also? Thanks so much! Sam
by Sam Lindsey on Wednesday 3/13/2013