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Scale in the Landscape - It Saps 'em

Do you have landscape plants that the leaves are stippled or showing yellow sickly spots and a few leaves are twisted as though they are wilting? You may even notice a few little white spots on some of the leaves and stems. You may have an infestation of t...

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CSA Weeks 13 and 14: Vegetable Broth

We got 2 week's worth of food this week from the CSA.  CSA Week 13 and 14 included sweet corn, green bell peppers, eggplant, green beans, baby sweet bell peppers, spaghetti squash, watermelon, and yellow summer squash. As there were no "new" foods - that is, foods we had not seen in previous weeks - this week we made veggie broth with food scraps....

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Squash Meatballs - Copy

CSA Week 12: Jalapeños and Spaghetti Squash

CSA Week 12 had sweet corn, red bell peppers, jalapeños, spaghetti squash, and watermelon. Week 12 Recipes . Download the recipes here , and watch videos of these recipes on social media (...

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CSA Week 11: 4-H Teen Cuisine

CSA Week 11 had green beans, sweet corn, green bell peppers, yellow summer squash, orange tomatoes, watermelon, and a variety of small, flat onions. The Piatt County "Teen Cuisine" 4-Hers - partnering with Bergie's Place in Monticello - had the CSA box this week. They got a chance to work on their knif...

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Chowder - Copy

CSA Week 10: Peppers

CSA Week 10 had lots of veggies!  Sweet corn as always, along with green beans, cucumbers, green bell peppers, mini colored sweet peppers, eggplant, and green and yellow zucchini. Week 10 Recipes . Download the recipes here...

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orzo - Copy

CSA Week 9: Watermelon and Potatoes

CSA Week 9 had more fruit - a watermelon bigger than either cantaloupe from previous weeks .  Along with watermelon, we got green beans, cucumbers, sweet corn, onions, chives, and potatoes. This was a diverse food week! Week 9 Recipes . Download the recipes...

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zuch carrot bars - Copy

CSA Week 8: Halfway

Our eighth CSA share is the halfway point this summer!  It was a classic box with cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, yellow summer squash, corn, and bell peppers. Week 8 Recipes . Download the recipes here , and watch videos of these...

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