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Know How, Know More

Connecting You with Your Food, Farmers and Community
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Where the Buffalo Roam in Central Illinois

Here in Central Illinois and particularly in Piatt County, we see a lot of corn and soybeans growing and very few grazing animals. In fact the joke around here is if the plants in the field are tall and green – they’re corn plants, and if the plants are short and green – they’re soybean plants. So here we are in the heart of corn and soybean cou...

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Basic Bucket Garden: Broccoli

Vegetables can be grown in just about any container you can imagine, as long as the plants have enough soil and the container has holes for drainage. Don't let the gardening catalogs fool you-- you don't need to spend a lot of money on pricey containers to grow vegetables. One of the simplest methods is to use a simple plastic bucket as a planting container. The size of buck...

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Garden Adventure Ahead

Posted by Karyn Traum - Gardening

It is our hope that the Buckets, Bales & Bushels blog will become a resource for you to explore new ideas, become more familiar with the farms & farmers in your area, as well as broaden you knowledge about the foods available to you every day. Connect with others in your community as you take the opportunity to "Learn,...

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Learn  Grow  and Share

Welcome to Buckets, Bales, & Bushels!

Check out our exciting new blog that connects you with the food, farmers, and community resources that are all around you!  Look for feature articles about local farms and farmers, try out some new seasonable recipes, and see "grow along" posts sharing what is happening in other gardens. Learn more about the upcoming 2014 programs that we are offering that will help you better connect w...

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