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broccoli soup and kale chips
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From Bucket to Bowl

Our bucket gardens have attracted a lot of attention to the Piatt County Extension office. There were some doubters, even in our own office, who said we would never harvest anything fit to eat from them. Today we proved them wrong and served a delicious lunch of cream of broccoli soup and kale chips using two of the cr...

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Hmmm Good - Triple M Farm

There is a new CSA in DeWitt County and its name is Triple M Farm. Greg and Mariah Anderson are the owners and have been in business since 2008. They started by raising fall mums and this year they have expanded to growing bedding plants, and fresh local produce. Greg grew up on a farm that grew vegetables and strawberries, so raising vegetables are nothing new to this couple. Triple M...

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peanuts 5 16
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Everyone Loves Raised Beds!

Check out nearly any gardening magazine, catalog, local garden center or big-box home improvement center, and you'll probably find some version of a raised bed being touted as the solution to all you've ever wanted in a garden, particularly if you grow edible crops. My husband and I knew we wanted to convert our small vegetable garden to raised beds. We loved the ease of planting and ha...

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Canned GB
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Fresh or Not? The Fruit and Veggie Breakdown

Now into spring, you may have a few vegetables popping up in your garden and any farmer's markets starting up may have some early spring options. While you wait for more variety, check out why you can and should eat other forms of fruits and veggies besides fresh. Competing Forms? No matter what form of fruits and vegg...

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Straw Bale Gardens

Gardening in a straw bale.  That's right, a straw bale.  It is an immediate, relatively inexpensive, 100% compostable, raised bed.  I feel like I'm telling you about a magic gardening pill that will help you grow garden fresh produce in as little as 10 minutes a week.  (Call now!) According to's true. Choose a full sun location for your bales, cover the area with several lay...

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