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Cranberry What and Mala Who?

We've all been there, there at the garden center toward the end of the season when there are tons of unclaimed plants and the growing season is coming to a close. What happens to the poor unclaimed annual plants? Well, they go home with people for really, really cheap depending on where you do your shopping. (Insert plant happy dance here!) The latest finds for the season were two plant...

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Ripe Tomatoes + Fresh Basil = A Taste Treat

This past week, I got to enjoy what I think is one of the best ways to experience the goodness of home garden - the Caprese Salad. In case you do not know what a Caprese Salad is, it is the wonderful combination of sliced ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and olive oil. Not only is it a taste delight, but it is so easy to prepare. Add a piece of fresh bread fo...

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The First Harvest of Blue Tomatoes

I really burst my husband's bubble last week when he proudly told me how he gave some of the 'Indigo Blue' tomatoes I've been growing away to someone we know. He said they were beautiful and "totally blue and ripe". When I told him that not a single one was even close to being ripe, and the blue color had nothing to do with ripeness, he got very defensive...

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You Can Can Too!

So…the question of the summer: how does your garden look? Hopefully lush with colorful vegetables and maybe some fruits. Any maybe more than you can handle? To save all that extra produce you just cannot eat in time, I suggest learning about food preservation. Keep reading for more on canning, freezing, and drying. Home Canning Home canning is b...

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