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Winter is Coming, Time to Put a Cover On

It is time to put a cover on your garden, a cover crop that is. Cover crops are an amazing addition to any garden. Cover crops are truly amazing. They benefit the garden in many different ways: recycling nutrients, breaking up compaction, increasing the soil's water holding capacity, suppressing weeds, adding nitrogen, attracting pollinators, adding soil organic matter,...

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Brussels Sprouts are Delicious!

Just the title of this blog post will have some people exclaiming "Yuck!" I absolutely love Brussels sprouts, but there are plenty of people out there who just as passionately hate them. I would argue that a lot of these haters have never eaten a properly prepared Brussels sprout. It makes a huge difference! In my opinion, one step in turning that "Yuck!" to "Yum!" is to grow your own Brussels...

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Savoring Squash

As the leaves change and the weather turns, Illinois corn and soybean fields are being harvested, and classic autumn crops of apples, sweet potatoes, and squash are arriving. Even though summer is the peak of numerous colorful fruits and veggies, autumn foods also provide bright pops of color and many healthy nutrients. Winter squash should be a popular food on your plate this time of y...

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