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Turkey Facts

Posted by Douglas B. Gucker -

Benjamin Franklin proposed that the American wild turkey be the national bird. 46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving The wild turkey is native to northern Mexico and the eastern United States. The turkey was domesticated in Mexico and taken to Spain in the 1500's, where it was selectively bred with European turkeys. Commercial and heritage...

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Avoiding Garden Gift Gimmicks!

Holiday catalogs are filled with gadgets for the person that has everything, and gardeners are no exception. As our inboxes and mailboxes fill with offers and catalogs promising the "perfect gift" that will make gardening quicker, easier, cost less, yield more, and are the key to a perfect garden, you might start to wonder what to believe. There are a lot of gifts on the market that sou...

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Safe Food All Season Long

Moving into colder weather, your gardens may be diminishing and most farmer's markets are over. But regardless of the season, and whether your foods are coming from your garden, a local source, or are store-bought, ensure you treat those foods safely. Or you could pay the price. One in six Americans will get sick from a foodborne illness this year, according to CDC estimates. Some illne...

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Looking for Learners & Information Sharers

Posted by Karyn Traum - Gardening

Are you looking for a way to learn more about gardening, meet people with common interests, and give back to the community? Well, I have an idea for you – the Master Gardener program might be a great fit. Don't be intimidated by the title; people of all gardening abilities and interests are welcome. What you do need is a desire to learn more and willingness to become an Extension volunteer.  So...

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