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Connecting You with Your Food, Farmers and Community

Winter Workers - Worms!

As the snow and cold continue, I find myself dreaming about ways to stay connected to the outdoors, the garden & living things! I know plant life outside is just dormant but tending to a worm farm in the winter can be a fun activity for all ages. Besides, they don't require the attention of other household pets – no walking or training required or risk of household destruction. Did you kno...

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Vegetable Garden Planning

Thinking about growing a vegetable garden this year? Stores are rolling out colorful displays of garden seeds and our inboxes and mailboxes are piling up with catalogs promising the best vegetable garden ever in 2015. Before you purchase a single seed or plant, take some time to plan. A well thought out garden will be much easier to car...

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Placing the Quick in Quick Breads

Having finished a successful introductory class on quick breads – as part of our " Bringing Back the Basics: A DIY Approach to Living " series – it is time to share o...

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