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Growing Berries in Containers-- The First Year

Last spring we set out to try a number of different container growing methods for vegetables. We demonstrated a few at the Piatt County Extension office, both commercially available and repurposed containers were featured. I planted a few different containers of tomatoes and peppers at my house as well. I thought I was done until one fateful trip to the garden center. One sunny spring d...

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Backyard Chickens - Are they for you?

Having chickens at home has many benefits for a family. You can have your own fresh eggs and you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how they were produce. In addition, it is a way for children to have the experience of helping to care for animals and to see where their food comes from. On Saturday, March 28 from 10 AM to noon, we will be having a two-hour workshop on "Chickens: S...

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Great Things in Small Ways

Did you hear that? It was a very faint buzz but it's there. The gardening bug has officially emerged! A few days of sunshine and 50 degree weather after a cold winter is all it takes for this very special bug to emerge and enter its human host. Once infected, the host may suffer excessive bounce in their step, unexplained trips down the seed aisle, fingers twitching, new gardening books appeari...

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Watch the Dough Grow

Many thanks to our participants who did such a great job in the hands-on, introductory class on yeast breads – as part of our " Bringing Back the Basics: A DIY Approach to Living " s...

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