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Frugal or Smart Gardening?

Have you wondered the aisles of your local garden center and had that same rush of adrenaline you get while looking through seed catalogs in the winter? Walking through a greenhouse in the spring is like going to the grocery store hungry – bring a list! If you are new to the vegetable gardening scene you may spend more money than necessary unless you do a little research or ask your fel...

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Small Flock Farmers - Be Alert For Avian Flu

In the past ten days, the number of Avian Influenza infected flocks in the Midwest has increased dramatically. No Avian Influenza has been confirmed in Illinois, but it has been confirmed in the bordering states of Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. This disease does not affect human health but can be deadly to domestic chickens and turkeys. According the USDA, “there have been several ongo...

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Dye Spring Colorful

Food science is so fun! Especially when using food and plant pigments. Did you know by changing pH, I can make red/purple cabbage turn blue or green? (Hint: baking soda.) This opens up an opportunity for decorating with natural dyes. Eggs take natural dyes just as well as commercial dyes you can buy. Have patience, though, as it takes longer to achieve color, and colors will be more mut...

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