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Garlic chive garden before
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Native plants, pollinators, and the elusive low maintenance garden

I am in the midst of a hard-learned lesson in my garden. You would think the friendly local Extension Horticulture Educator would do her homework on each plant before planting in her garden. Well, think again. I have made my fair share of gardening mistakes, planting plants that have either failed to thrive, or worse-- have threatened a hostile takeover of my garden beds. One pla...

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My Tools of Choice for Weeding

The weeds are beginning to sprout between the rows of my vegetables out in the garden, so I need to get busy weeding. First thing to remember when controlling weeds in the garden is that the younger and smaller they are, the easier they are to control. The second important thing to remember is a sharp tool makes the work go faster. Third, work shallow in the soil, it takes less effort and it re...

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If There's a Will, There's a Way - In the Garden

It's a bucket, a former vessel for pounds of icing, waiting to make the next birthday celebration a sugary delight. That same bucket can bring similar merriment to those who once had a garden but because of life events, aging bodies, various health situations or limited amounts of sun in their yards, on their balcony or patio, can no longer have the garden they once did. Last year we shared the id...

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Container Garden Cooking

Herbs and vegetables grow well in containers. If you are looking to get started, check out the Making Herb and Vegetable Containers section of the Successful Container Gardens website through UI Extension....

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