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Don't Fear the Less than Perfect Produce

Ever had funny looking produce show up in your garden? Did you eat the harvest even though it wasn't pristine? I'm going to guess that most of you did because you tended that misshapen little fruit. I'm also going to guess that it probably tasted just fine and maybe even delicious because it was fresh and it was a product of your labor. Now think about the last trip to the produce aisle...

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Honey bee on flower with pollen collected on rear leg

Bee Blitz

June 21 marks the first annual "Bee Blitz". All nature lovers and concerned citizens in Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio are invited to get outside, snap pictures of honey & bumble bees on Sunday, June 21st, and upload their findings to BeeSpotter , the citizen science project run in collaboration between the University of Ill...

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Sharing Your Garden and a Little Bit of You!

Posted by Karyn Traum - Gardening

If you are a seasoned gardener or are just starting out with a new hobby, one way to glean numerous new ideas in a short time is by talking to other gardeners. You can share ideas, talk about lessons they have learned – the good & the bad, and ask some of those questions you've been wondering about for awhile. Most gardeners would tell you their garden is always changing and they are never...

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Yellow beans

Farmer's Market Shopping

You know your dentist. You know your doctor. Do you know your farmer? Farmer's markets are an excellent opportunity to get to know your farmer and pick up some tasty, nutritious foods. Local farmers can offer a lot more varieties than a supermarket. Purple carrots are cool to find. Ever seen pattypan summer squash? Try these three tips as your navigate your local markets...

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