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Hints for Harvesting

As the growing season begins to wind down for some crops you might find yourself scratching your head when it comes time to harvest your winter squash, pumpkins, cantaloupes and watermelons. If you are lucky enough that your plants still have vibrant green foliage – count your garden blessings. Powdery mildew swept through our Piatt County Extension Office demonstration a few weeks...

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No Squash Bugs on this Pumpkin

Are you looking for a winter squash that squash bugs do not like? Take a look at the Hopi Orange squash. I have been growing this squash off and on over the past 10 years.  I have never a problem with squash bugs when I plant Hopi Orange squash, but I do if I plant any other winter squash (or pu...

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Milkweed bug adult and nymphs
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Update: Native plants, pollinators, and the elusive low maintenance garden

In May I wrote about my quest to renovate a flower bed in my landscape, converting it to include lower-maintenance plants-- specifically native plants and plants that attract...

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Illinois Summer Complete with Corn

You cannot miss it, the fields upon fields of Illinois corn growing tall (and taller). With those packed acres and so many Illinois towns having corn festivals, it is time to talk corn. Vegetable or Grain? Corn is grown as a cereal grain, like wheat, rice, or barley. The current food guide – the...

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