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Delight in Fall

The morning now greets us with a crisp chill and the darkness of the evening comes sooner than many would like this time of year.  For some, fall is a much anticipated time while others skip this season already dreading what follows - winter. As we bring in the final garden harvest for the season, decorate with corn stalks & pumpkins, and begin planning for fall activities there is...

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Winter Squash: Not Just for Decorating

Not too long ago, the only winter squash that most people were familiar with were butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash-- and of course Jack-O'Lantern pumpkins for Halloween. Today, a glance at even your average local grocery store or garden center is likely to reveal a wide variety of unfamiliar shapes, sizes and colors of winter squash. If you are a gardener, you may have noticed cat...

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Cold Storage: Fruits and Veggies

That bag of green beans was pretty wrinkled, and the container of kale started turning brown at the edges and had a strong smell. I forgot about these sitting in my refrigerator. Whoops! I certainly did not eat these in the state they were in (decomposing). As the season of bounty in gardens and farmer's markets slows, take a moment to reflect on fresh fruit and vegetable storage.  Plan...

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Great Garlic

While you are scouring the markets for pumpkins, squash & apples – you might keep a look out for something a little more aromatic - garlic. If you reside in Illinois – October is the best time to plant garlic, usually by the second week of the month. The goal is to have it in the ground six weeks before a freeze. The cooler weather and shorter days of fall are ideal for root development and...

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