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Water Splash

Muddy, Carbon, Water

Can you figure out what the words above have in common? Take your time, I don't have anywhere to be. Did you come up with footprints? We are familiar with muddy footprints as we return from a soggy garden. You may think about your carbon footprint as you drive to and fro and when you figure out how far a given product has traveled to reach the store shelf. A water footprint? Is that...

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Firewood Tips for the Homeowner

A variety of creatures live in or on trees cut for firewood or settle in stacked wood that is destined for the stove or fireplace. Insect invasion of homes from firewood can be reduced by following these rules: Inspect wood as you pick it up. Check surfaces that were on the ground or against other pieces. Brush off the creatures that you see and knock wood toget...

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brew bucket
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It's Time to Get Brewing!

Craft brewing has been exceedingly popular in recent years. It seems like there is a new specialty brew or brewer every time you turn around. You may have noticed a proliferation of kits for home brewing as well. Is it really possible to make beer at home? Is it legal? The answer is "yes" and "in Illinois, yes". I learned about home brewing in of all places, as an undergraduate student...

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Cheese practice - 30 min mozerella

Cheese, Please

The "Back to Basics" do-it-yourself series returns to UI Extension in Macon, DeWitt, and Piatt counties. If you have not already checked out our classes , take a look today....

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