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Know How, Know More

Connecting You with Your Food, Farmers and Community
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Simple Summer Kitchen

With so much produce growing in summer, this is a great time to enjoy the warmer weather, savor flavors, and keep recipes simple. The tastes of all those summer fruits and veggies will do most of the work in making your recipes shine. I recently taught the "Your Diet, Your Decade" class, designed to highlight nutrition needs across different age groups. Our 60+ year young crowd prepared...

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Butterfly Gardening

Mention butterfly gardening, and visions of colorful butterflies flitting among brightly colored flowers come to mind. But butterfly gardening is not just a means to attract beautiful adult butterflies to the garden. It can be a way to provide support for all life stages and help preserve populations of these beautiful members of the insect world. It's tempting to think that butterfly g...

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Grocery Tours

The last few months, I have gotten a chance to partner with County Market and assist with grocery store tours to several groups. This is an opportunity for participants to get their questions answered about different foods in the store, gain skills to make healthier picks, and become more savvy shoppers. As some commented: "Thank you for this class. Very helpful!" –tour p...

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