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2016-04-14 10 28 26

Think Spring: Starting Seedlings for Spring Planting

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

What gets a gardener through the dark days of winter? Thinking about spring planting of course! What better way to get prepared for spring planting, than getting some seeds started in preparation. Why start your plants from seed? Because it lowers the cost you would spend for plants, and it offers you a wider selection of plants. It also gives you a head start o...

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Bees and Pesticides in the Garden

" Bees and Pesticides in the Garden " is the title of a recent article by Ric Bessin, Extension Entomol...

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Spring Fever, Have you Gotten it Yet?

Posted by Beth Allhands - Gardening

Spring Fever, have you gotten it yet? February's combination of inclement weather, fragrant bouquets around stores for Valentine's Day, and a 70 minute gain of sunlight from the first of the month to the last are major triggers of this malady. Don't suffer in silence. There are ways to combat even the severest of cases. First, attend nearby garden workshops. On February 25 Macon County...

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Freezer Stir Fry

Freezer Meals - Made at Home

Have you noticed more hands-on food programming in UI Extension? I have been working to developing programs that involve participants in their learning in a new way. While several hands-on programs have been active, the freezer meal class was a new one. Thanks to our participants who made a freezer meal to take home. If you are familiar with freezer meals, think of taking out a frozen e...

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