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worm compost

Worm Aversion Conversion

Posted by Beth Allhands -

  I have been composting yard and organic material for a while now, and will continue to do so. However, when I have just a few food scraps, sometimes it can be inconvenient either to carry them outside to the compost pile, or to save to do later. Deciding to add options to my repertoire, I thought I'd give worm composting, also called vermicomposting, a try. Laziness and thinking of im...

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Container Gardening: Beyond the Basics

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

Limited on gardening space where you live? Or do you have only limited time available to garden?  Container gardening may be the choice for you, especially if you live in an urban setting with limited growing space. With simple materials like a large container, a bag of potting mix, and a few plants or seeds, you can grow a variety of ornamental and edible plants to live...

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Slow Cookers: Beyond the Basics

University of Illinois Extension, serving DeWitt, Macon, and Piatt counties, invites you to learn with "Know How, Know More." This post is about slow cookers. Decide how you want to learn, be it reading, watching, and sharing content. Are You Being Food-Safe With Your Slow Cooker? Check your steps when using a slow cooker and make sure you are not likely to make y...

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Introducing: Know How, Know More

Posted by Candice Hart -

Coming this week, our Buckets, Bales, and Bushels blog will become  Know How, Know More. Don't fret, the new Know How, Know More will have the same great content, just with some additional avenues of learning! Here at University of Illinois Extension, we love creating content on food, gardening, farming and more, but we realize that simply reading a blog post may not be...

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Asparagus 1
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No-Cut Veggies

I enjoy meal prep with minimal equipment. It means fewer dishes to wash, and many times, less time getting from cooking to eating. In this post, let's explore some different vegetables that do not require a knife to prepare. If I missed some of your favorite no-cut veggies, let me know in the comments. 1. Pour from the bag. In a store, these veggies are often pre-bagged for pu...

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