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Recipe Rehab: Healthier Soups

January is Soup Month, and a great time of year to warm up with a bowl of your favorite soup. Or try a new recipe this month. Many soups are packed with protein, veggies, and grains, making them a great one-pot meal option on a busy night. You can easily adapt your recipes to make a healthier soup too. 1. Choose reduced-sodium or salt-free broth or stocks. Broths and st...

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Xmas Tree-Recycle
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Recyling Your Real Christmas Tree

Are you wondering what to do with your fresh cut Christmas tree now that Christmas is over? How about recycling it? If you have a landscape recycling center or compost facility nearby, take it there and it will be converted into a renewable mulch  or compost. Before you recycle your tree, it must be undecorated - no ornaments or lights or tree stand. In the Champaign County area, you ha...

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Growing Succulents: Beyond the Basics

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

I'll admit it. I have a succulent addiction! They're everywhere at my house and I think you'll enjoy them just as much as I do. If you've never grown succulents before, I'll walk you through how to plant a succulent container garden here. By definition, a succulent is a plant that has thick fl...

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peanut butter pumpkin dip

Take a (Holiday) Dip

A great way to have a healthier holiday is to include fruits and vegetables, with their important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Any of these three dips would make a great addition to a potluck or holiday party. Thanks to the Mt. Zion District Library for hosting us for a hands-on class making dips for the holidays.  With an unexpected combination of ingredients, the Peanut Butter Pum...

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