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Orchids: Give Them a Try!

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

There really is no more beautiful indoor plant than the orchid in my opinion, but I hear from many gardeners that they are scared to grow orchids, which is a shame! In reality, they shouldn't be scared. Orchids are long-lasting flowering plants that make great houseplants and they're really not that hard to grow! First off, let's explain the various orchid types that you could grow indo...

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Winter Feeding of Your Bees

With the recent long period of below normal temperatures, have you thought about whether your hive of honey bees is needing food? Now may be a great time to give your bees supplemental food or a winter feeding. Honey bees do not hibernate during the winter, but instead consume food reserves to stay warm throughout the winter months. When temperatures within the hive drop below 50 deg. F...

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Gimme Green!

Posted by Beth Allhands -

Are you pining to grow something green, smell something green, see something green or taste something green- as if it were already spring? The green scratch for all those cravings is within your reach! Microgreens are a super easy solution to help alleviate winter blues. Have you tried growing or eating them before? Microgreens are like a toddler plant- somewhere between the inf...

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