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2014-03-21 13 00 43

Winter Burn on Evergreens

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

This winter, like many, has taken a toll on evergreens in our gardens and landscapes. Just driving down the highway or through a neighborhood, you can notice browning on evergreen shrubs and trees. So the question is, why does this happen? Since evergreens retain their leaves throughout the winter, they are susceptible to a variety of winter related problems. These leaves are still livi...

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Floral Department Finds

Posted by Beth Allhands -

To my knowledge, people generally do not purposefully go to the grocery store to purchase a potted plant from the floral department; or have it on their shopping list unless maybe at Easter. Frequently, it is a purchase made on the way to a friend or family members home as a gift to the host, or as an impulse buy for yourself when you are feeling particularly over worked and under-appreciated a...

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Garlic in Oats

Garlic in the Oats Cover Crop

With winter in retreat, the garlic in my garden is growing well after a rather rough winter. From the picture, you can see what looks like dead grass stems on either side on my garlic row. Well those are my spring oats that I planted at the end of August when I formed my garlic row beds. At the end of September, I planted my garlic cloves on the top of the row beds. It is the cover crop I plant ah...

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frozen-beans - pixabay

Boomers and Frozen Food

Frozen fruits and veggies are some of my favorite convenience foods. I enjoy raspberries, but buying fresh means I get very few raspberries per dollar compared to what I can get frozen. I admit the frozen raspberries are not the plump fruit of fresh and fall apart, but that is okay with me since I usually use them for smoothies and to flavor yogurt. On April 3, UI Extension is hosting "...

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2016-05-04 09 06 26-2

Seed Starting this Spring

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

What gets a gardener through the dark days of winter? Thinking about spring planting of course! And what better way to get prepared for spring, than starting seeds indoors in preparation for spring planting. Why start your plants from seed? Because it lowers the cost you would spend buying transplants at the garden center, and it offers you a wider selection of...

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