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CSA Week 1: Garlic Scapes

Our first week's CSA share arrived last Monday with purple and green heads of lettuce, white and red bulb onions, heads of garlic, mint, and garlic scapes!  For those who not been following along on the CSA Insider or social media ( @nutritiondmp ), join us!  We...

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Fire Blight- a Nasty Disease

Posted by Beth Allhands - Gardening

We are seeing some unfortunate incidents of fire blight in our area, very much connected to the extended rainy spring we experienced. Fire Blight ( Erwinia amylovora ) is a devastating, yet common bacterial disease affecting an estimated 75 species of plants in the Rosaceae family. Most susceptible are apple, crabapple, pear and ornamental pear trees, however other host plants include co...

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CSA Insider Starts Summer 2018

Our office bought a CSA share! Never head of a CSA – or community supported agriculture? Fellow extension educator, Andrew Larson, wrote a summary of this newer area of agriculture . Each week this summer, we are sharing our experiences using our CSA items, from recipes to farmer tips, and more. Follow along on...

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Armyworm Moth

Brown Moths are Flying

Recently people have been noticing large numbers of brown moths fluttering around flowering trees and resting on the sides of homes. These are newly emerged Armyworm Moths . According to Kelly Estes at the Illinois Natural History Survey, these are the moth stage of this sprin...

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Slime Mold-LoRes

What’s That Slimy Blob? – Slime Mold

If you have recently seen a bright yellow or yellow-orange slimy blob after our recent stretch of rainy days, then you may have seen a slime mold. It is not unusual to see them in the summer after a period of heavy rainfall or in areas that are heavily irrigated. They commonly appear on wood-mulched beds, or heavily thatched lawns. Slime molds were originally classified as fungi, but no...

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Black pepper

Sodium and Meat Rubs

June is Men's Health Month. So, to the guys, this is all about you! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 4 men die from heart disease. Food choices can help reduce the risk of heart disease and complications such as heart attack and stroke. One way to improve heart health is to reduce sodium. Table salt is made up of both sodium and chloride. W...

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