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Red pepper infographic

DIY: Red Pepper Flakes

Every summer, gardens at home are hit or miss on what grows and what doesn't. Sometimes a plant just grows and grows! This was the case for the gardener who brought me multiple bunches of hot peppers – jalapeños, poblanos, and lots of small red hot peppers. Just for fun, I decided to string and hang the red peppers to dry. For instructions on drying peppers on string, I recommend readin...

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Kokedama String Gardens

Posted by Candice Hart - Gardening

Kokedama String Gardens Get creative with your houseplant displays this winter and try hanging a few plants in the window to create a string garden. The term String Gardening is a term that has become attached to a style of Japanese bonsai known as kokedama, which literally means "moss ball" in English. Instead of growing plants in a traditional container, the r...

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The Nuts Around Us

Posted by Beth Allhands - Gardening

Fudge, tea rings, macaroons, baklava, pralines, and brittles! These are some of the nutty holiday sweets we indulgence in this time of year. Besides these delectable offerings, unshelled nuts to be eaten in their natural state are common around the holiday season as well. I'm going to date myself, but stockings at my house didn't have toys, but a wonderful mixture of fruit, nuts and candy. The...

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Turkey Holidays

Turkey Q&A

How well do you know Thanksgiving turkey safety tips? Let's find out! Thanks to the " Turkey for the Holidays " website from UI Extension for these tips! Q: How long does a turkey take to thaw? A: Allow about 24 hours of defrost time for every 5 pounds of turkey. For example...

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Oak-Leaf Scorch

Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Oak

A problem that seems to be an increasing across the area with oak trees is Bacterial Leaf Scorch. Up until about 2012 or so, this disease was considered a minor problem that oak trees typically overcame. Here recently, this disease is causing a slow decline of our older oak trees once they become infected. What do the...

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flower pepper - Copy

CSA Weeks 15-16: Winter Squash and Sweet Potatoes

We got 2 week's worth of food again this week from the CSA. And it's the last share of the season!  We got sweet corn, popcorn, cipolini onions, butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squashes, shallots, sweet potato, and fun-shaped sweet bell peppers. The sweet potato in our share was a LARGE 3.25 lb one!  We had a fun time weighing it....

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Scale in the Landscape - It Saps 'em

Do you have landscape plants that the leaves are stippled or showing yellow sickly spots and a few leaves are twisted as though they are wilting? You may even notice a few little white spots on some of the leaves and stems. You may have an infestation of t...

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