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Extension Council Minutes

November 12, 2018 Extension Council minutes

Unit 17 Extension Council meeting – November 12, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Derby at 6:30 p.m.  New members were welcomed and introduced by Doug Harlan.

Doug asked if there were any public comments – none were made.

Members present: Dave Mills, Jo Bauer, Janell Baum Thomas, Zach Howell, Nancy Derby, Trinity Mata, Jennifer Suckow, Maria Robinson and David White.  Also present: Doug Harlan, Doug Gucker, Jamie Boas, Candice Hart, Caitlin Mellendorf, Trinity Johnson and Staci Coussens.

The minutes from the September 2018 were read, but due to the lack of a quorum, no motion to approve the minutes was taken. 

Doug provided the council with the September 2018 fiscal reports for Macon, Dewitt, and Piatt. Doug told the Council that the Unit was on track for income and under spent for expenses as of October 2018. He also provide the council with a budget update regarding state funding of the County Board Match (CBM).  He told the Council that Extension had received all of its FY 2018 County Board Match money.  He further stated that none of the additional $5 million given to Extension by the Governor had been received. However, the budget outlook was brighter than it had been in three years.

Doug provided the Council with a personnel update.  He introduced Trinity Johnson as the new Macon County 4H Youth Development Educator.  Trinity introduced herself and provide information on her background.  Doug also told the Council that two new SNAP-Ed Community Workers had been hired and were both now working.  He discussed the vacancies in 4H staff next.  Doug told the Council that the Unit had three 4H EPCs either retire or leave the Unit for better paying jobs.  He stated that Lindsey Burden, former 4H Secretary in DeWitt County, had been hired to replace Kim Gibbons.  Lindsey start her new job on November 5th.  Doug stated that one of the two 4H EPCs for Macon County had been hired.  Olivia Warren would be starting on December 3rd as the new Urban Programs 4H EPC in Macon County.  He said that interviews for the Schools EPC in Macon County would conclude on November 16th. 


Doug asked the Council if they knew of any audiences, particularly underserved audiences, which were not be reached by the Unit’s programs.  The Council asked if the schools in the rural areas of Macon County were being reached by 4H and Youth programming.  Doug said that they were in DeWitt and Piatt Counties, but did not think so in Macon County.  The 4H Youth staff thought that this was correct too.  Trinity said that she had already talk to staff in the rural school districts in Macon County and was making plans to begin doing programs in these areas. Other than the above audience, the Council did not identify any other new audiences.   

Candice Hart, the Unit’s Horticulture Educator presented a gardening program using cotton balls and plastic bags.  This was the program highlight for the meeting.  Candice also told the Council about the re-tooled Master Gardener training class for the Unit.  She said that the class was moved from the spring to the fall and a weekday evening format in order to attract a younger volunteer.  She said this had works as Macon County had 22 volunteers take the class this year.  The training also included hands-on learning experiences and several field trips.

Program Highlight-4-H/Youth Development-Jamie Boas: Jamie led a 4-H activity for the council.  She had council members participate in a Food Challenge she use with kids.  The Council divided into teams and made a dish from food items provided.  Council members were very creative in preparing their dish for the judges.  Doug Gucker and Janell Baum-Thomas’ dish was selected as the winner.   

Program Updates: 

Doug Gucker: Went over his report in the council binder.  Doug discussed his report of the Federal Food Safety Management Act.  He provided handouts in report.

Caitlin: Shared her success with classes for diabetics and pre-diabetics noting that DeWitt and Piatt Counties had higher number of individuals who were diabetic than the rest of the state.  She said that over 40 had attended those classes.  She also said that she had good luck with canning and freezing classes. 

Candice highlighted her written report. 

Staci Coussens:  Staci told the Council about her work with the Salvation Army.  Staci is working with them on their food pantry – trying to improve the food offerings they make.  She is also working with Piatt County food pantries.  

Jamie Boas shared about the DeWitt and Piatt 4H Youth programs currently going on. 

No other business or discussion was brought up.  Trinity Johnson motioned to adjourn the meeting and Maria Robinson seconded the motion.  The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.  Next meeting is March 11, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the DeWitt County Office in Clinton. 


Respectfully submitted,

Jo Bauer

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