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Climate Change - Issues with Terminology and Our Future

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Weather

By: Ben Potter, Farm Journal Technology Editor Climate change can be a difficult topic of discussion, especially when the mainstream media does a poor job covering it, says Chris Anderson, the assistant director of Iowa State University's Climate Science Program. "What you hear on TV is weather trends described as climate change, so that becomes confusing," he says. "Th...

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Antibiotic resistance genes are essentially everywhere

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Disease

Hello all. While I am not an authority on the whole antibiotic issue, I do try to keep abreast of pertinent research.  Here's an interesting one that I read that was on the Feedstuffs website.  (see the following url for the original posting: Feedstuff s) The largest...

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2012 Census of Agriculture reveals new farming trends

Posted by Teresa Steckler -

I have been waiting for the 2012 Census of Ag.  There is always something interesting however here are the highlights.  *  The 2012 Census of Agriculture shows a nationwide drop in land devoted to agricultural production from 922 million acres in 2007 to less than 915 million acres.  -  States with the largest percentage declines in land devoted to agriculture were: Kentucky-...

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