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The US Beef Cow Sector is Changing

I think that the USDA does a great job in telling us what we may know, but just don't have the data to substantiate.  While I already provided you with a link to the 2012 Ag Census, there are additional data that I think is interesting especially since it concerns beef cow operations.  The weather and feedstuffs price volatility have taken a toll on cattlemen the last several years.  A...

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Researchers Study New Class of Animal Deworming Agent

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Disease

Hello all, I thought this is a rather important topic for cattlemen - parasite resistance to dewormers.  While I have provided programming to small ruminant producers about anthelmintic resistance, it is also an issue for cattlemen.  If we keep using dewormers indiscriminately, we may lose the efficacy of these tools. To avoid the development of drug resistance by parasites, the treatme...

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